Reality Based Training, This blend of training and exercising uses a tried and tested combination.

Reality-based training in which trainees are immersed in hyper-real physical recreations of security or combat scenarios to encourage lightning-fast, tactical decision-making.

For professionals, companies and teams involved in resilience, defence, and the security and protection of targeted groups and individuals anywhere.


Our role play actors are psychologically trained in criminal and victim behaviour.

Environments will need to become more realistic – the sights, sounds and smells will increase in fidelity. We believe the requirement for combined live and virtual events will increase and that these will be networked geographically by governments, military and NGOs. We also anticipate an increase in the requirement for us to track trainees and deliver accurate after-action reviews as part of our Reality Based Training. The ‘enemy’ will need to be more convincing in training and the flashpoint will need to be understood by learners so that methods of operation can be taught convincingly and psychologically, from the both the aggressor’s and victim’s point of view.

If trainees in any area of crisis management or disaster recovery learn in an unforgettable way what to look for, both in a situation and in themselves, we are confident that they will find it when reality bites.

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