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Reality Based Training, This blend of training and exercising uses a tried and tested combination

This blend of training and exercising uses a tried and tested combination: Hanover consultants with unrivalled operational expertise in the field of emergency management, and specialist CrisisCast role play actors who are trained by behavioural psychologists in criminal and victim behaviour.

Our carefully designed scenario exercises give learners hands-on experience of all the roles involved in a crisis and a basis to work from that ensures full competency in their own particular role.

They also gain an understanding of integration in the command and control process and learn where their roles sit so that they can make time-critical decisions with the available information.

By using fully costumed characters to simulate a threat, we draw out learning issues and deliver unforgettable experiences.

If trainees in any area of crisis management or disaster recovery learn in an unforgettable way what to look for, both in a situation and in themselves, we are confident that they will find exactly what they need when reality bites.

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