FlashpointRBT Hostile Recconnaisance Training

Posted on Friday, December 5th, 2014 by Brian Mitchell

Our client required training to take place across three days, followed by a fourth day during which a suspicious package would be left within the perimeter.

FlashpointRBT supplied two actors for three days along with a counter terroroism expert.  A developing scenario of actions, movements, and key indicators were planned, choreographed and presented at different times across three days.

Our team ran an authentic endeavour to recce the building, penetrate it and place a device in a prominent location.

Our real players were a male and female on holiday, taking photographs, consulting maps and making notes and drawing diagrams.  We identified good CCTV positions where our behaviours should have been observed by trainees.

Our team has a good understanding of the law regarding photographing in public places and were able to enter into dialogue when approached by security personnel or police.

On the fourth day, we made a judgement as to the most opportune moment to attempt to place the device.  Our actors reversed their clothing and made a getaway to a pre-agreed location, where they held a communication device.  Not more than ninety minutes were allowed for the device to be found.

Every day of the exercise our CT expert worked across security team shifts to identify weaknesses and to embed learning.